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Updated For the 2016 — 2017 School Year

Introduction Letter
Dear Coach,

After I graduate from ___________ High School in June, 2015, I am interested in attending Northwestern University. My goal is to graduate with a business degree from your prestigious Kellogg Business School. I am writing to express interest in attending your school and, more specifically, playing tennis for you.

As a captain of my high school tennis team, I have developed the skills and leadership ability to contribute to your nationally ranked squad. Last season, I was nominated to the All-Section team while leading my team in wins with a 24-2 record.

My interest in Northwestern has always been strong – I have had the opportunity to attend a few of your games. In fact, three alumni from my high school played for your team in the past decade.

Attached is a player profile that details my academic and athletic accomplishments. You’ll notice that I take my studies as seriously as I do tennis, and I’m confident that I will represent your program with distinction.

Please add my name to your prospect list and send me information about Northwestern’s tennis program. I would especially like to see a copy of your media guide. Good luck this season. Go Wildcats!


Your Name